Big Bang Puzzle

Big Bang Puzzle
  • REC214
  • April 26, 2024

The magic of this debut album "Big Bang Puzzle" is a keen sense of composition and an innate affinity for 90's European electronica. It's a playful album, the work of an artist at the peak of his craft, determined to twist styles and references (Daft Punk, Ennio Morricone, Robert Miles, Vangelis...) in order to give them a new form.
"Big Bang Puzzle" is a tangle of psychedelic and cartoon-esque pieces, an abstract modernist painting of sounds inspired by vintage pop music. The cover, created by Swiss artist Flora Mottini, offers a first glimpse of his brand new universe. But it's also by collaborating with French iconic design studio H5 that nit suddenly enters the French Touch genealogy. nit takes the shape of an n that grows legs and arms to become a cheeky cartoon character traveling through a real space-time continuum. Parisian H5 Studio has been involved since the end of the '90s in the design of strong visual concepts for French Touch's elite (Etienne de Crécy, AIR, Mirwais). French music at its best from which nit is a direct descendant. And one who expands and opens even further : pop, Italo-disco, trip-hop impulses, Morriconian cavalcades, lo-fi aesthetics, Caribbean music.
Producer and mixer Lucien Krampf (Oklou, Ascendant Vierge, Casual Gabberz, Crystallmess) was the person in charge of mixing this ambitious record.

nit is both a question and an answer, and a musical enigma that pushes us to explore the far reaches of our imagination...

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