• REC190
  • 24.03.2022

2x12" black vinyl, gatefold, shiny cover, printed innersleeves, holographic sticker on cover

Nine years after "Outrun", in the late Philippe Zdar's Motorbass studio in Paris, Kavinsky has worked on his own rebirth. "Reborn" will therefore be the story and the title of his second LP.

As he puts it himself: “After the sudden success of "Nightcall", I didn't really want to record again. I took two steps back and started to imagine what I was going to record after that, at my own pace. The break allowed people to forget about me for a little bit so that when I felt ready to return, I could perhaps try new things”.

While "Outrun" was an album of its time, fast and furious, produced in full throttle/full compression mode, on "Reborn", Kavinsky wanted to record something more timeless and more musical by taking the time to experiment with gear, instruments and his collaborators.

While still infused with his trademark theatrical synth pop landscapes and just as visually evocative as "Outrun", "Reborn" is sonically larger. Its melodies get enough space to breathe their life into you, its 808s and Jupiters proudly make their way into the sonic spectrum and the featured performers get to irradiate their very best. What you get on "Reborn" is a daring journey through Kavinsky's obsessions, some joyful, others darker, all of them enlightening. You will recognize hints of 80's Japanese anime music, a dramatically French classic soundtracks approach to string arrangements, heavy electro club funk machinery, saxophone licks as well as reflections on love, death, and the future of romance. It is a clear-cut and carefully crafted tribute to the history of pop culture put together by a very special artist with a unique ability to cite masterpieces from many fields, time and space while painting a precise and personal vision of the future.

Open the windows, let the air in and enjoy the ride. The K is back into your life...

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