Vive la vie

Vive la vie
  • REC18
  • 14.11.2004

We no longer present the Klub des Loosers and its only member Fuzati.
Why? Because we're a little ashamed of it all the same. Imagine a young Versaillais who was destined to become a cursed writer or singer in a pop band rehearsing in the parental garage on Sundays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The kind of guy who spent his Saturday afternoons at the municipal library, his Saturday evenings drinking beer in youth squats where there is one girl for ten guys and where the phrase that comes up most often is "who rolls a joint?"... Now imagine that this guy had an illumination, in the middle of these young people who are predestined for success and who when they find themselves together do not know how to do anything other than get high. "We are a Klub of Loosers".
As he doesn't like people that much, Fuzati will create a klub in which he will be the only member. As he doesn't have a guitar, and hip hop is his only friend, he tells himself that he will do that as music. Well yes, hip hop is nice. As he was told that he didn't look like a rapper and that backwards caps look bad on him, he would never show his face and would wear a hat. What follows is a classic journey of an underground MC who raps for the streets (but also the avenues) and represents his bros illegally locked behind the walls of the prep schools, you know. In 2003 he signed with Record Makers because he was taught that you shouldn't mix too much with people from other backgrounds...

"Vive la vie", his first album, is a really nice record to listen to on rainy Sundays. The rest may be history, but for now it's like everyone else, a little broke...

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